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Extraction for Entertainment?

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Why would you pull your own wisdom tooth?  Just for fun, I guess!  

A dentistry student extracted his own wisdom tooth “because he thought it would be fun to do it himself” and recorded the entire procedure on video. As reported in the Daily Mail, Jesper Ryltoft, a student at Aarhus School of Dentistry in Denmark, warns others not to attempt to do anything like this on their own. He says, “I am a dental student and had professional equipment and a dentist present when doing this.”


Although it’s not recommended, this isn’t the first time that a dentist pulled his own tooth, and it probably won’t be the last.  

In 2013, Dr. Daniel Hatch, a 31-year-old Colorado dentist, decided that it was time for his tooth to go after several root canals. A DPS blog tells how he self-injected a numbing agent, removed the tooth (No. 10 lateral incisor), installed an implant, sutured the area, and fabricated a temporary tooth. 

Will your patients try to pull out their own teeth?!  A survey reveals that 80% will not…but what about the other 20%?  Read more

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