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Doctor’s Favorites: Indirect Restorations


Doctor’s Favorites: Indirect Restorations

A graduate of the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Jeff Peifer, DMD, practices general dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, with a special interest in cosmetic, implant, and reconstructive dentistry. A member of the ADA, AGD, and Arizona Dental Association, he is passionate about his profession, his family, and the Los Angeles Dodgers—which poses a problem since he lives and practices in Diamondback territory. Here, he discusses his favorite products to use for indirect restorations.

TheraCem from BiscoBISCO’s TheraCem, a self-etching, dual-cured, self-adhesive resin cement, is great for most indirect restorations. It’s easy to clean up, causes minimal to no postoperative sensitivity, and is offered at a great value.

Although I still use retraction cord in some cases, I rely on Dryz retraction paste from Parkell to achieve excellent hemostasis. The material is easy to place with the Luer Lock applicator tip, stays where it’s placed, and provides great retraction and tissue management.

exafastPremier Dental’s Two Striper diamond burs cut very efficiently and seem to remain cooler than other diamonds. With a wide variety of shapes and multiple grits, there are many options to choose from for minimal or gross reduction.

Although I have not yet taken the plunge into intraoral scanning, I plan to embrace digital impressions in the near future. That said, there are still cases where VPS is needed, and GC America’s EXAFAST impression material is amazing and also offers a great value. Available in heavy, injectable, monophase, and regular viscosities, EXAFAST is easy to place, sets up quickly, and provides great detail with no tearing of the impression.

Every office needs an intraoral camera to capture images that they can share with both patients and insurance companies. We have a few Claris intraoral cameras from SOTA Imaging in our office. They are easy to use and take great pictures with phenomenal clarity.

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