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Fighting Cavities with Kidz Seal


Kidz Seal Pit and Fissure Sealant from Taub Products was developed especially for use in public health sealant programs and pediatric dentistry, but of course it works just as well in the general dental practice treating kids, too.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in addition to guarding against cavities, sealants also stop existing ones from growing. They have found that sealants protect children’s teeth from 80% of cavities for up to 2 years, and 50% against cavities for an additional 4 years. Kids who don’t receive sealants have as much as 3 times more cavities compared to those who have been treated. Children with untreated tooth decay often miss a lot of school and need emergency dental services due to the pain associated with cavities, infections, and trouble eating and speaking. These symptoms also have a big impact on their learning ability. Keep in mind that this problem affects more than just the most underserved populations. Given that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children and teens, there must be many who are not receiving dental sealants.

Kidz Seal’s formulation allows it to be used in either a dry or wet field. Its viscosity and self-leveling/self-adjusting features eliminate the need for occlusal adjustments while allowing the best retention to enamel and marginal integrity and preventing microleakage. Kidz Seal has sustained fluoride release, too.

Kidz Seal offers a unique color verification system, which allows sealant program monitors to quickly and accurately record/document placed sealants for community health centers and school-based programs.

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