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Flaps—Patient Comfort, Image Accuracy


Wouldn’t you love to make the dental x-ray experience better for your patients, especially children? Whether it’s film or intraoral sensors, taking x-rays can be pretty uncomfortable for your patients. Sharp edges, gagging, holding the mouth open. And then when the patient is very young, you have the added challenge that they don’t really understand what’s going on and have no idea why they have to sit still while they have this hard, scratchy thing in their mouth.

Microcopy has come up with a pretty ingenious way of changing all of that. Flaps are self-sticking foam tabs that hold film or sensors securely, allow full occlusion and visualization for accurate positioning and imaging, and make the whole process much more comfortable for all patients.

Flaps come in two sizes: White Original (15/16" wide x 13/16" high x 1/4" deep) and Blue Long (15/16" wide x 1 1/16" high x 1/4" deep).

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