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GC Launches GC Fuji Automix LC, an injectable glass ionomer


For those who don’t use glass ionomers because they prefer injectable restoratives, this new product might just be for you. The resin-reinforced, light-cured, glass ionomer dispenses easily into preparations—no hand-mixing, no trituration, no storing of capsules. There is also no need to use an etchant or an adhesive, which eliminates several more steps in the procedure and reduces even more time in the chair for patients. The ergonomically designed dispensing system is light weight, requires low extrusion force, and fits even in smaller hands. The material is bioactive, featuring high, rechargeable fluoride release for long-term protection from secondary caries and virtually no postoperative sensitivity. The radiopaque filler enhances both flexural strength and radiopacity. GC Fuji Automix LC also has high bond strength, even if saliva is present, and results in very esthetic, polishable restorations.

GC Fuji Automix LC can be used for a wide range of indications for both primary and permanent teeth. GC Fuji Automix LC provides a more predictable bond to dentin, making it ideal for Class V restorations. It is also indicated for use in Class III restorations, restoration of primary teeth, core build-ups, as a base material in Class I and II restorations created with a sandwich laminate technique, and in situations that require high radiopacity.

GC Fuji Automix LC offers an alternative to amalgams and composites that clinicians have been waiting for. GC Fuji Automix LC’s ease of use, easy handling, moisture tolerance, predictable bond, and excellent esthetics make it ideal for a variety of clinical situations.

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