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GC’s New Universal Bonding System Pairs Versatility with Strength


GC’s New Universal Bonding System Pairs Versatility with Strength

Advancements in dentin and enamel bonding agents—notably, the development of universal adhesives—have paved the way for treatment success in a host of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. Named for their versatility, universal adhesives are hydrophobic and compatible with a variety of etching techniques, restorative materials, and surfaces. Relative to previous generations of bonding materials, universal adhesives offer major improvements with respect to bond strength, ease of use, and treatment outcomes, and support greater restoration longevity, minimal postoperative sensitivity, and procedural simplicity.  Collectively, these qualities equate to significant benefits for practitioners and patients alike.

Since 1921, GC Corporation has been a standard-setting force in the field of dental materials, delivering acclaimed solutions across a spectrum of applications. Now, with the latest addition to its adhesive lineup, G2-BOND Universal, GC is poised to continue this tradition. Newly available from GC America as of February 2021, G2-BOND Universal is a two-bottle universal bonding system designed for optimal strength and versatility. Featuring the manufacturer’s Dual-H Technology, G2-BOND Universal provides clinicians the flexibility to choose between self-etch (SE) and etch-and-rinse (ER) techniques with one simple system.

Where Versatility Meets Durability

Beyond the ability to select your preferred mode of etching, G2-BOND Universal ensures restorative excellence for a broad set of indications. The material can be effectively used for direct restorations, immediate dentin sealing (IDS), repair of indirect restorations, treatment of hypersensitivity, and more. With G2-BOND Universal, GC has improved upon its proprietary Dual-H Technology to strengthen the adhesive layer and significantly reduce the potential for water degradation. As a result, G2-BOND Universal delivers long-lasting durability and bond adhesion. Moreover, the material‘s optimal thickness allows it to serve as a shock-absorbing layer, discouraging gap formation and debonding, especially when used with high shrinkage and bulk-fill composites. Thanks to HEMA-free composition, it also offers outstanding margin stability, meaning anterior restorations will maintain invisible, esthetic margins over time.

The New Standard in Adhesion

Early reception of G2-BOND Universal from the dental community is overwhelmingly positive. One independent study confirmed remarkable sealing effectiveness with virtually no postoperative sensitivity—attributes that promote long-term patient comfort and satisfaction. Other groups surveyed report 98% satisfaction with both SE and ER etching modes. Likewise, almost all clinicians were pleased with the product’s handling and dispensability—qualities enabled, respectively, by ideal viscosity and an ergonomic bottle design that permits precise dropping, prevents dripping, and eliminates waste while leaving the bottle clean after use.[1] All in all, these results indicate that G2-BOND Universal promises to live up to the manufacturer’s claim that it sets a new standard for two-bottle universal bonding.

DPS evaluators have also weighed in, naming G2-Bond a Best Product. “It’s easy to use, compatible with all resins, and has a reliable bond,” said evaluator Dr. Sean Grady. “I feel confident when using this adhesive that the composite will have a strong bond. It performed beyond my expectations.” Check out the DPS product review here.

To learn more about G2-BOND Universal and order the product for your practice, visit GC America’s website.


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