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GNYDM 2017 New Product: ViziLite PRO by DenMat


Dental Product Shopper had the scoop on ViziLite PRO Oral Lesion Screening System (check out page 34 in the New Products section of our November issue). But now DenMat has released some more details on this light-based fluorescence technology that’s built to detect epithelial dysplasia in its earliest stages.
Fluorescent technology in oral cancer detection isn’t new. In fact, it has been on the market for more than 10 years. However, ViziLite PRO has been engineered to operate within the wavelength for optimal discrimination of oral lesions.

How It Works: Fluorescence visualization with ViziLite PRO provides new visual information that is fundamentally different from what clinicians see when they look at reflected light from a white, chemiluminescent or other light source. The clinician activates the ViziLite PRO device, which emits five powerful, shortwave, violet output LEDs that generate biofluorescence and enhance visualization of the oral cavity. Abnormal tissues appear as dark areas among the bright fluorescence of surrounding healthy tissues, while an optimal viewing filter enhances visualization and improves contrast between healthy and abnormal tissue.

Charge It Up: ViziLite PRO's other innovations include a custom battery pack and a built-in safety circuit that protects it from overcharging, over-discharging and short-circuiting. Lightweight aluminum housing provides a natural heat sink, eliminating the need for an internal fan and thus enabling quiet operation. Clinicians can perform more than 100 one-minute examinations on a fully charged battery. Single-use protective lens covers prevent cross-contamination.

See for Yourself: Experience ViziLite PRO at DenMat’s booth, #5016, at the Greater New York Dental Meeting.

And while you’re there, check out another cool, next-generation device, NV PRO3 Microlaser, also by DenMat!

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