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How to Keep Dental Instruments Cleaner While Prolonging Their Life


Hygiene is the cornerstone of any reputable dental practice. Of course, hygiene is paramount to patient safety. Before an instrument is sterilized, visible debris must be removed or else it will interfere with microbial inactivation and can compromise the disinfection process. However, aggressive cleaners can remove the passive layer of an instrument, costing your practice money to replace frequently used items.

Since you can’t compromise safety, the question remains: How do you keep your dental instruments cleaner while prolonging their life? 

Dental instrument cleaners are broadly categorized as general purpose and enzymatic. Both have advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, general purpose cleaners tend to clean better but are harsher due to their alkaline nature. On the other hand, enzymatic cleaners are milder but not as effective. Still, they have other benefits like neutral pH and environmental friendliness.

ReSURGE by Sultan Healthcare was created to combine the best of both worlds. It’s an enzymatic cleaner, yet it has a cleaning efficacy of the general purpose cleaners. It breaks down common dental soils—blood, tooth chips, fat, and tissue—that bind to the instrument and helps ensure a complete instrument cleaning. 

ReSURGE won’t impede the cleaning performance or cavitation of ultrasonic machines, and is appropriate for instrument presoak. Used at half concentration (one-half ounce per gallon of water) compared to other cleaners, ReSURGE is also less expensive to use. 

Putting the Solution to the Test 

It’s one thing to talk about the benefits of a cleaning product, but what about measurable results? Sultan Healthcare put ReSURGE to the test to determine if it had the ability to clean surgical soil in an ultrasonic machine.

Clean dental explorers were weighed, and then soils were applied and left to dry at 122ºF for 2 hours. The explorers were then re-weighed. The test of ReSURGE’s effectiveness was conducted at 77ºF for 35 minutes in the center, left, and right side of the ultrasonic machine. The explorers were rinsed and re-weighed to calculate soil removal. The results showed that ReSURGE was the most effective solution in all areas of the ultrasonic tank. 

Check out the video below to see a live test of ReSURGE’s efficiency in removing collagen from a filmstrip.

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