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Is Ergonomic Just a Marketing Label?


If you have loupes that were sold to you as “ergonomic,” you may not think they’re the culprit behind your neck or back pain.

That’s often because industry safety regulations focus on the health and comfort of patients and health care workers, but fall short on clinicians’ personal tools, such as loupes, LED headlights and seating. With no ergonomic and safety standards for these tools, manufacturers can freely label their product as “ergonomic,” no matter what definition they use.

Plus, because only recently have educational programs begun covering ergonomics, there are generations of clinical professionals who are learning the hard way what happens when the products they use like loupes are subpar – ­after they develop a physical problem. It can take time for that kind of issue to develop – sometimes up to 10 years. That’s why some clinicians assume their neck pain is from an old injury or poor sleep posture. Even worse, others just accept working pain as an inevitable part of the job – even though it doesn’t have to be. In fact, permanent injury can force clinicians to leave their careers prematurely – and permanently.

That’s why it’s incumbent upon clinicians to educate themselves about ergonomics and make sure the products they’re using aren’t doing more harm than good. Without proper education about ergonomics and preventing injury and the implementation of the right tools, clinicians run the daily risk of developing debilitating working pain and injuries.

SurgiTel’s MultiPoint ErgonomicsTM product family strives to eliminate working pain – the name goes beyond a label on a package. The line’s loupes allow clinicians to sit comfortably upright, protecting their back from strains throughout a long workday by restoring the natural S-curve of the spine. The loupes keep the clinician’s head tilt within a safe range. They can prevent new or additional pain, and the results can pay off for years.

For more information about how SurgiTel’s products can help you maintain a long and pain free career, contact your local representative at

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