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Is Your Stool Hurting You?


Ergonomically Correct Stools: RGP Dental & SurgiTel

Ergo Comfort Seating for DentistsWhile the large, soft reclining chair in the middle of the exam room can help ensure a patient’s comfort, the nearby rolling stool for the clinician can pale in comparison.

Unfortunately, when a clinician consistently uses seating that is not ergonomically designed, he or she is at risk for occupational chronic pain and injury. 

A stool can encourage a dentist to repeatedly bend and slump forward, pushing the spine out of its natural curvature.

This can lead to various conditions, including the compression or pinching of the sciatic nerve. If you’re experiencing pain down your leg when sitting or standing, you may already have this condition.

Whether you’ve already been diagnosed with an orthopedic condition and don’t want to make it worse, or if you want to prevent a problem before it happens, make sure you’re using ergonomically correct seating.

SurgiTel, a company that manufacturers loupes and lights, also understands why it’s so important for dental professionals to use supportive seating. That’s why they have partnered with RGP Dental, an expert on ergonomic stools and chairs.

Sitting in any static position for a long period of time can cause strain on your muscles, so one choice for stools features “active seating.” This design allows for frequent positional changes during a procedure, minimizing the risk of injury and helping the clinician maintain a neutral and supported posture.

"All RGP stools are designed to be intuitive, fully-adjustable, and possess a freefloat position to allow active seating, or movement, by the practitioner during dental procedures. This allows unrestricted, supported movement during repetitive procedures, resulting in less muscle inflammation and increased blood flow." -Inside Dentistry

RGP also offers stools with “waterfall seating.” The seat on this stool slightly slopes downward and enables equal weight distribution on the chair. This relieves pressure on the back of your thighs, offers support to other parts of the legs and back and helps establish and support the correct spinal position.

To learn more about RGP’s ergonomically correct operator and assistant stools available through SurgiTel, you can visit

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