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Light Matters … For You and Your Patient


Patients’ mouths have notoriously bad lighting. So bringing your own is essential. But does it really matter what type of light you use?

Spoiler alert: Yes, it does matter.

Having light in the operatory that is even, accurate and safe is important for both patient and dentist alike. While examining a patient, a dentist needs to be able to see objectively: Are there cavities? Is the crown complete?

The dentist also needs to be able to see to make subjective decisions: Is a chosen color the right shade? Does this restoration match the other teeth?

Unfortunately, many LED lights designed for dentists produce uneven beams, which can cause bright central spots and glare. Not only can that make it difficult to see the detail in the patient’s mouth, but also to see the colors and shading that a patient will see once out of the office.

At the same time, it’s vital that a clinician chooses lighting that also protects his or her eyes, especially as new research points to the damage that can be caused by overexposure to blue light. Blue light has been linked to retinal damage and early-onset macular degeneration, especially when blue light is magnified through loupes. What’s more, blue light can cause teeth to look whiter than they actually are.

So how do you select a light that meets your needs as well as your patients’ needs?

Lights from optical technology and ergonomics manufacturer SurgiTel are designed to create a clear, even field of light that replicates sunlight. Through its patented multi-lens system for LED headlights, SurgiTel’s LEDs can give you the accuracy you want in a comfortable environment. Plus, SurgiTel’s LED lights have been tested against competitors and found to be more color balanced, which means they have less blue light.

SurgiTel has LED headlights in a variety of options, including wireless, eclipse, micro and more. Learn more at

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