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Meet the Evaluator: Andrew Fundo, DMD


 Name: Andrew Fundo, DMD       

 Dental School: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

 Years in Practice: 9

 Specialty: General Dentistry

 Practice Location: Forest Hills, NY

 Favorite Product: Garrison’s Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Sectional Matrix System

In this day and age of online shopping there is a tremendous benefit of being able to read product reviews from hundreds of people before committing to buying a product. The reason I became a DPS evaluator is because I feel like it is a great way for dentists to be able to sort through the plethora of new innovative products and gadgets that are constantly being developed. Having the ability to read what other real life dentists have to say about a product has an enormous benefit. For me, it’s even more beneficial than reading the companies’ claims. I wanted to be part of that process, so I joined the DPS evaluator team. Every time I receive a new product to review I am excited to try it out and share my honest experience.

Many years ago, before I even thought about choosing dentistry as a career, I fell in love with the art of magic. Yes, the kind with the cards, doves, and rabbits. After years of continuous practice and determination I began to perform shows for audiences and needed a slogan that I could use for self-advertisement. I came up with a quote: Creating magical memories one smile at a time. It seemed to be cute at the time, but little did I know that this quote would have a much more meaningful impact many years later when I began to pursue a career in dentistry. Today, as a practicing dentist I am able to combine my artistic and magical talents with medicine and truly bring smiles to the faces of my “audience.”


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