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Meisinger SINGLES Combine Sanitation and Value


In its latest product advertisement, Meisinger takes the issue of sanitation right to customer. Showing images of toothbrushes, silverware, and teacups, Meisinger posits, “You would never use these if they were dirty… So why would you use a dirty bur?” 

In a society where an increasing number of consumer packaged goods are individually wrapped and hand sanitizer is offered by the pump in public settings, SINGLES by Meisinger Pre-Sterilized and Sterile-Packed Carbides is a product that just makes sense. 

I caught up with Stacy Hutton of Meisinger USA to find out more about this packaging innovation and improvements to the carbide itself. 

Q: How did the pre-sterilization/sterile-packed idea for SINGLES by Meisinger come about? Why this product and why now? 

A: Sterilized single-patient-use carbides have been a part of the dental marketplace for years, and Meisinger has invested much time and research in producing top-quality single-use carbides. We strive to provide an exceptional cutting instrument at a price that will allow for single use while not compromising quality. Dentists now have a new sharp carbide right out of the package to use for every tooth preparation.

Q: What makes SINGLES unique from other similar products that are currently on the market?

A: Meisinger’s innovative design of SINGLES allows for a procedure to be done quicker and more efficiently than what has been available in the dental marketplace. Third-party independent studies conducted by dentists have rated SINGLES by Meisinger among the best available on the market. 

Q: Regarding the innovative design, what specifically have you changed in your manufacturing process?

A: Meisinger uses a new welding process to make our carbides stronger than ever before. Our new, innovative design is constructed to greatly reduce cut vibration and breakage, and provides for long-lasting durability and stunning cutting efficiency. We’ve raised the bar to ensure patient safety, added benefits for the dentist, and value to our dealer partners.

Q: What kind of feedback have you received thus far from dentists in the field? 

A: Dentists who have provided feedback have concluded that Meisinger’s Singles are excellent quality, economically priced, conveniently packaged, and produce excellent cutting characteristics. This is a product that saves doctors and their staff time and money, especially considering our sterile carbides are the same cost as our unsterile carbides.


To learn more about SINGLES by Meisinger Pre-Sterilized and Sterile-Packed Carbides, visit the product page on the Dental Product Shopper website, or check out the Product Spotlight in our August issue.  

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