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Networking the Digital Workflow


If you partner with the Henry Schein Prosthetic Network (HSPN), an elite group of carefully selected dental laboratories that comprise the country’s largest precision “milling center” under the umbrella Zahn Dental Laboratory division of Henry Schein, you can avail yourself of their digital workflow expertise. They will help you navigate the Cloud! Using DDX, Dentrix’s web-enabled application, you send your digital impression to your dental lab via the Cloud, where a technician reviews the impression and your case notes, and tucks into designing the prescribed restoration digitally. Once the design is completed, the restoration can be milled from high-quality zirconia material, such as Zirlux. Zirlux is highly translucent, extremely strong, and kind to opposing tooth structure. After the restoration is personalized to match the patient’s existing dentition, it is sent back to you for try-in and final seating. This open digital technology stream provides seamless communication between you and your dental lab. Expediting the process with DDX means fewer headaches, miscommunications, and remakes.  

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