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New Product—Slim 8-Place E-Z Jett Cassette

Zirc knows how to make life easier for dental practices. All of their organizational products streamline a practice, saving space and making tasks easier. And they’ve done it again with the new Slim 8-Place E-Z Jett Cassette. Like all E-Z Jett Cassettes, the Slim 8-Place version is autoclavable to extend the life of your instruments by protecting and keeping them organized from sterilization through procedure and back to sterilization again (the circle of life of your dental instruments).
This new cassette holds eight instruments (thus the name) and is the right size to fit into any sterilizing equipment…ultrasonic, instrument washer, and autoclave. With antimicrobial protection, the Slim 8-Place E-Z Jett Cassette resists the growth of bacteria that lead to odors and stains.
Click here to learn more about this new product and how instrument cassettes can save 5 to 10 minutes in instrument sterilization.

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