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New Time-Saving G-aenial BULK Injectable Composite


Looking to save time filling large cavities without layering? Or when repairing indirect restorations, temporary crown and bridge, fixing defect margins in enamel, blocking out undercuts, and doing core build ups? GC America introduces G-aenial BULK Injectable composite, a high-strength nano-particle composite for one-step bulk filling of deep Class I, II, III, IV, and V cavities up to the occlusal surface that does not need to be capped or veneered with another composite. G-aenial BULK Injectable composite has up to 4-mm depth of cure, and the homogenously dispersed nano-particles ensure a durable, wear- and fracture-resistant direct restoration with high flexural strength. The material is easy to dispense in a single step, and has improved handling. It is highly shapeable and will not stick to instruments. Its consistency enables it to adapt to the cavity walls without porosities or air bubbles, reducing the chance for secondary caries and increasing marginal integrity for a longer-lasting, esthetic restoration. The high-density resin with full-coverage silane coating results in a very durable restoration that provides high radiopacity and maintains its gloss and color stability for many years.

Some dentists believe that it is not possible to fully cure up to 4-mm of bulk-filled materials, and others think that not using a layering technique will increase the incidence of gaps and reduce cavity adaptation. However, G-aenial BULK Injectable composite has been shown to stay where it’s put and provide superb adaptation and uncompromised marginal integrity. Its thixotropic viscosity enables dentists to build up cusps and other anatomical features free-hand, and with A1 and A2 shades that polish to a life-like gloss, dentists can provide patients with natural looking, esthetic restorations in less time. G-aenial BULK Injectable composite is also suitable as a liner or base material when used in conjunction with a packable composite, such as G-aenial Sculpt. Click here for more information.

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