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No Need for the Two-Step


When you provide your patient with a treatment plan, you know that if there are too many steps for them to take, it decreases the likelihood that he or she will follow them. The easier the routine is, the better.

Until now, patients who have been using MI Paste® Plus have had to follow two steps when brushing—first using their regular toothpaste and then applying the MI Paste®. Now, with GC America’s MI Paste ONE, toothpaste and the MI Paste Plus are combined in one convenient formulation. 

MI Paste® ONE, like the other members of the MI Paste® family, treats sensitivity, remineralizes enamel, maintains ideal oral acidity and prevents white spot lesions. MI Paste products contain a topical solution with RECALDENTTM, which delivers calcium, phosphate and fluoride to treat painful or decaying teeth.

There’s no need to be concerned that a formulation that now includes toothpaste will impact its efficacy. MI Paste® ONE has been shown to be just as effective as other members of the MI Paste family. MI Paste® ONE will do what other MI Paste® products do—plus clean the teeth and freshen breath. According to GC America data, MI Paste® ONE releases as many bioavailable calcium and phosphate ions as MI Paste® Plus does—and they both beat the competition.

Your patients, meanwhile, will appreciate the streamlined process of MI Paste® ONE, and will likely find it even easier to reap the benefits of it. Plus, there’s also no more need for patients to find a toothpaste that won’t aggravate an existing condition. 

Increasing patient adherence to a treatment plan also will pay dividends to practitioners. When patients are able to stabilize or improve the condition of their teeth between visits, it minimizes the amount of care they need during a visit. That should make the patient experience more positive, increasing the odds of these at-risk patients getting the reeeeeeeegular care they need.

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