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Oral Health: Take a peek into the future


Tomorrow at the ADA Annual Session in Denver, a new publication will be launched covering science, policy and new delivery models to better understand the current and future state of the multifaceted oral health field. Produced by Scientific American Custom Media, in collaboration with Colgate-Palmolive Company, The Future of Oral Heath  will explore the impact of oral disease on whole-body health and the changes to the practice of dentistry worldwide.

Among the specific topics addressed are:

  • --The oral health of a growing elderly population; global health issue of caries and periodontal diseases and the latest industry developments helping to improve access and cost-of-care in these areas.

--The state of the science linking oral health and other areas of medicine and changes in the relationships between the dental and medical communities.

  • --New tools being employed in diagnostics, biotechnology, and digital health.

  • --Philosophies and technologies that have fueled industry changes and ways in which global demographics are mandating more accommodating, on-demand approaches to dentistry that reduce cost and bring care to hard-to-reach populations.

"Solutions in oral health must address evolving patient needs, changing global demographics, and the ever-advancing innovation landscape that will affect delivery methods and models of care,” said Pat Verduin, Colgate's Chief Technology Officer. “We are very proud to be a part of this multifaceted conversation."


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