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Piezo Technology—Tips from an Expert


Scaling has come such a long way. While there’s a still an important part for hand scaling to play in oral care, the opportunity to use piezo scaling can make a real difference to both patients and clinicians. For oral hygiene care, piezo scalers can make a big impact on the disruption of biofilm. For the clinician using the scalers, they offer an opportunity to reduce the pain and discomfort of daily hand scaling.

At ACTEON’s website, you can find Talking Tips with Colleen, a video series with Colleen Rutledge, RDH, where she shares her experience with piezo scalers, going back to her first purchase of a unit after seeing them in action and understanding the power they had to change how she practices. Other videos go into more detail about the uses of the Newtron scalers offered by ACTEON.


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