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Plan for the Future, Save a Bundle


Almost like the annual spring cleaning ritual, this time of year we all start stocking up on all of the things we’ll need over the winter and into the new year. For me, that means buying lots of canned soups. My favorite is Amy’s Organic soup…tomato bisque, lentil, split pea. They’re quick to heat up on a cold afternoon, and they’re quite yummy.

Dental offices do the same thing…so I’ve heard. At Keystone Industries, they are helping you out with this annual custom. They are offering, during the last quarter of this year, a promotion called Pro-Pacs. You can choose from six different bundled packages: sealant (save $20), alginate (save $55), VPS (save $55), bite registration (save $70), reline PEMA (save $80), and reline PMMA (save $80). For example, with the Alginate Pro-Pac bundle, you get twelve 1-lb cans of Supergel Fresh Alginate Impression Power Fast Set, a bag of Tray Aways #3 Medium Upper, and a bag of Tray Aways #4 Medium Lower. With the VPS Pro-Pac, you get 2 Heavy Body Fast Set (8 cartridges), 1 Medium Body Fast Set (4 cartridges), 1 Light Body Fast Set (4 cartridges), 1 bag of Tray Aways #3 Medium Upper, and 1 bag of Tray Aways #4 Medium Lower.

When you purchase products this way, for specific procedures, you eliminate the need to buy products individually. So, depending on what you need, you can get the package of products that will help you the most during this nut-gathering time of year. Click here to learn about all of the Pro-Pac options and here to learn more about Keystone Industries.

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