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Top 3 Things to Know about Planmeca Viso G5


Like any consumer, you love when things are unlimited, from smartphone data usage to ATM rebates. But as a dentist who relies on diagnostic technologies, how would you like an unlimited field of view in cone beam computed technology (CBCT)? That’s one of the key advantages of Planmeca Viso G5, the latest addition to the Planmeca Viso family of CBCT units.  

Introduced at ADA FDI 2019 World Dental Congress in San Francisco, Planmeca Viso G5 CBCT is a mid-sized imaging unit designed for the clinician who desires the ultimate in CBCT innovation, according to the company.

Here are 3 things to know about Planmeca Viso G5:

1. Freely positionable field of views 

Planmeca Viso G5 comes equipped with a 16 x 16 cm flat-panel sensor able to capture the entire maxillofacial area. The sensor has 4 built-in cameras for live patient positioning and advanced technology, like Planmeca ProFace and Planmeca 4D Jaw Motion required for advanced diagnostics.

2. Unlimited ø3x3 to ø20x17 cm volume sizes 

Planmeca Viso G5 supports a wide range of clinical applications and specialties from endodontics to oral and maxillofacial surgery, making it one of the most versatile systems to date.

3.  Standard technological features 

Planmeca Viso G5 comes equipped with cutting-edge features that have made Planmeca a leader in the CBCT market.

​These features include:

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose – A proprietary imaging protocol that enables CBCT imaging with a lower dose than panoramic imaging and without a statistical reduction in image quality.

Planmeca CALM – A proprietary algorithm that can analyze and compensate for slight movements and provide improved, diagnostic-quality images.

Planmeca ARA – A proprietary algorithm that’s been designed to efficiently remove these metal artefacts that can cause streaks and shadows to appear in 3D images.

Planmeca AINO – A noise filter that reduces noise in CBCT images while preserving valuable details. It allows for using lower exposure values and improves image quality when using small voxel sizes.

It’s expected that orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, and general practitioners who offer comprehensive patient care will all benefit from the many features that Planmeca Viso G5 offers. Delivery of these brand-new systems is expected in just a few weeks.

"We continue to make advanced technology a priority and are excited about the leap forward we have achieved through the Viso product family," said Ed McDonough, president at Planmeca USA. "Our goal is to help dentists improve their diagnostic capabilities and provide the best care to their patients."

Watch the video introduction of Planmeca Viso G5 below and visit Planmeca’s website to schedule a demo.


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