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Recycle Your Instruments and Earn Free Ones from PDT


Recycle Your Instruments and Earn Free Ones from PDT

Being eco-friendly comes with many benefits: foremost among them is reducing unnecessary energy and waste. With the Earthcare program from Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT), you can benefit along with the environment because the recycling program allows you to earn free instruments for your practice.

PDT Recycle your Instrument brochureA revered manufacturer of dental instruments, PDT offers scalers, universal curettes, restorative instruments and much more. The company places an emphasis on ergonomics, comfort and efficiency for the dental professional. See PDT’s available products.

Through Earthcare, for every 12 used hand-powered instruments you send to PDT—regardless of the brand or manufacturer—the company will send you a free PDT instrument. This program, which is open to practices in the U.S. and Canada, is a great way for dental professionals who have not had an opportunity to use a PDT instrument to do so, while also cleaning out old instruments that are no longer serving their purpose.

PDT accepts most hand-powered dental instruments. This includes surgical, endodontic, diagnostic, and hygiene tools. The company requests that clinicians sterilize the instruments and ensure they are free of debris before sending them in through Earthcare. PDT cautions clinicians to carefully secure instruments in the packaging. Any injury to a postal worker could result in a legal complaint against the sender.

Some instruments are excluded from the program—namely, those that require additional equipment to function. For example, prophy/ultrasonic tips that need to be electrically powered are not accepted.

What happens to your old instruments? They will get a second life helping others after PDT craftspeople recondition and donate them to nonprofit organizations and missions around the world. Instruments deemed ineligible for donation are recycled responsibly. According to research in medical journal Mater Sociomed, dental waste contributes to global waste because it is often disposed of at uncontrolled disposal sites, and that presents both public health and ecological risks.

View instructions and popular instruments for recycling redemption, and download a donation form here. According to PDT, the posted list is not an exhaustive one of all instruments available for redemption; clinicians can choose from any of the company’s stainless steel-tipped hygiene or diagnostic instruments.

It’s worth noting that PDT’s commitment to giving back globally extends to its own operation. The company reuses all of its packing materials, recycles all of its shipping containers, and recycles or reuses all of its fax and copy paper. Why not join them in their eco-friendly efforts?

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