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Reduce and Track Your Patients’ Radiation Exposure


The X-Mind Unity x-ray generator and SOPIX digital sensor are two products from Acteon that have a lot going for them on their own, but when combined they can something incredibly cool.

First off, you can reduce the amount of radiation your patients are exposed to and still get crisp, clear images that will help as you diagnosis the situation and make a treatment plan. SOPIX Inside digital sensors use the patented ACE Technology, which, when combined with the X-Mind Unity, will stop and start the generator to avoid overexposing the image. This ensures you get the image you want on the first try and don’t have to expose patients to retakes. They get only the necessary does for their specific dental morphology.

Next up, you can actually keep track of the amount of radiation your patient has been exposed to. The dose after each exposure will appear on the timer’s screen. Then, when you use the technology with SOPRO Imaging software, the dose is recorded in the patient’s file and stored there permanently so you always know what your patient’s radiation has been over time.

I would imagine these features—reducing and tracking exposure—offer patients and clinicians a great deal of peace of mind. You can watch this video to learn more.

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