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Replace Candy with Healthier Options: 2015 Halloween Candy Buyback Program


Prevent. Promote. Provide. Unite with dental offices from across the U.S. to prevent cavities, promote a healthy lifestyle, and provide for our troops by joining the Halloween Candy Buyback program.

About 1 of every 5 children in the United States (17%) has obesity, reports the CDC. In fact, September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.  You can help kids choose a healthier lifestyle and support our troops overseas by participating in the Halloween Candy Buyback program.

With this program, kids bring their Halloween candy to a participating dental office, the dentist buys the candy from kids at $1 per pound, and the candy is shipped to troops overseas. In addition, corporate sponsors such as Xlear and Tess Oral Health will donate toothbrushes to the troops.

Xlear Inc., the lead sponsor of the Halloween Candy Buyback program, will donate 30 toothbrushes to troops for every dental practice that signs up as a Platinum participant. For one low price, you can register your practice as Platinum and receive replacement candy for your event. This great-tasting replacement candy features xylitol, a natural sugar that promotes oral health. Given the increase in childhood diabetes and obesity, make this year's buyback an educational health experience.

Learn more about the Halloween Candy Buyback program or register your practice now. 

Operation Gratitude, a group that says “thank you” to all those who serve our country, annually sends 150,000+ care packages to troops overseas. To learn more about their mission, click here.

Read about Oral Health America’s “Fall for Smiles” campaign that educates communities about the importance of healthy food choices, regular dental visits, brushing and flossing, and avoiding tobacco.



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