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Seeing Clearly to Cliosoft


Cliosoft is the first imaging software engineered with one-tap buttons and an intuitive, sleek design for touch screen PC use, but can also be used on any regular desktop or laptop. Since most other software on the market is designed from the software engineer's perspective—instead of the user's perspective—many have a clunky design with drop down menus and an aged layout. With nearly 30 years of R&D work in the dental industry, SOTA Imaging designs and engineers Cliosoft Software with the modern dentist in mind. The layout is similar to a smartphone for extremely easy navigation. This minimizes training time and increases office efficiency when with the patient. Software also features unique auto-bridging capabilities to practice management systems and offers the highest quality auto image processing which reduces exposure related retakes. Most importantly, the software provides tools for a smooth patient case presentation that make a true visual impact so it becomes the dentist's greatest marketing tool.


USC Dental School Professor and current VP of the Southern California Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Tran Han, purchased SOTA products at the CDA Convention after a long hunt for her new practice. She said, "I get a lot of referrals, about 20 to 30 a month just from my exams [with the Clio system]. X-rays are taken in a split second, my assistants are ready for me before I am even ready for them...I literally draw on the image how much of the tooth I am going to cut out, that’s like an eye opener. “ She believes it makes life easier, to present and show patients physically what you see as a dentist versus just telling them. "When I show patients an occlusal view of a tooth that has pit staining, they already know, ‘Oh, I have a cavity there.'"  She uses every aspect of SOTA Imaging’s products by taking superior images with the Claris i4D Intraoral Camera with every patient, along with diagnostic images with the Clio Digital X-ray Sensors.  After using SOTA products for more than a year at her state-of-the-art practice, Dr. Han says, “I don’t even know how I could do dentistry without it.”


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