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Select NanoFill LC—One Filling Material, Two Delivery Options

Select NanoFill LC from Zendo-online comes in either a capsule or syringe format, so you have the opportunity to use the material with whichever delivery method you prefer for any given clinical situation. This light-cure, nano-filled composite is designed for use in both anterior and posterior restorations. Zendo composites are made in Germany and are used worldwide. Select NanoFill LC nanotechnology ensures less shrinkage (1.8%), higher strength (350 MPa), better handling, and exceptional esthetics. Select NanoFill LC has a non-sticky, wax-like consistency so it stays where you place it. Available in 10 shades, including a bleach shade, it has amazing chameleon properties and is easily polished for a highly esthetic result. Free samples are available in limited shades if you are registered for a Zendo Account.

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