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Shine the Limelight on Your Patients and Your Practice with Real-Time Digital Scheduling


Bring your practice into the limelight by giving patients what they want – flexibility and convenience – while maximizing your productivity.

Patients don’t always want to call your office during business hours to schedule an appointment. They want to get it done when it’s convenient for them, whether that’s at 10:00 at night or on a Sunday afternoon.  Give your patients the flexibility to schedule their dental appointment 24/7 with Limelight, an advanced self-scheduling program from Solutionreach

With Limelight, a new real-time digital scheduling platform, patients can book their own appointments from any device, in real-time, any time. In addition to being convenient for patients, your staff will spend much less time on the phone with patients, freeing them up for other duties. According to Solutionreach, the product will have dramatic benefits for practice profitability and productivity.

Limelight integrates with your practice management software so it has access to your real schedule and even ensures that patients schedule the correct type of appointment for the right amount of time. Limelight reserves the spot and won’t schedule over it unless you decline or reschedule manually. 

The program is easy for patients to use, and they can schedule an appointment from almost anywhere with any device. Practices can customize the scheduler to ensure that patients are scheduling appointments that best match their needs, for the right amount of time. This eliminates the possibility of booking a whole hour for an appointment that only requires 15 minutes.

“Right now patients want to be able to schedule online, but pretty soon they will expect it,” says Tory Neiwert, Product Management Director at Solutionreach. “We’ve gone to great lengths to create an intelligent tool that will give patients the best possible experience, while streamlining a considerable amount of work for the staff in the practice.”

With Limelight, take advantage of the power of social media and add “Schedule Now” links on your Facebook page, Twitter account, or practice website, or incorporate your automated patient messaging through Solutionreach.

In addition to easier scheduling with Limelight, Solutionreach helps reduce no-shows by sending automated voice, email and text messaging reminders. Patients who miss an appointment automatically receive an invitation to reschedule online.

Click here to learn more about Limelight or to schedule a demo to have a Limelight representative show you more about how the digital self-scheduler works. 

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