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A Convenient New Single-Use Delivery System for Direct Composite Restorations


A Convenient New Single-Use Delivery System for Direct Composite Restorations

G-Aenial Universal InjectableBoasting exceptional physical and esthetic characteristics, GC America's G-ænial Universal Injectable has won over a growing number of dentists since it launched in 2018. In fact, Dental Product Shopper evaluators awarded the composite an amazing 4.7 Best Product rating after using it in their practices (check out the evaluation here). Now, clinicians who prefer single-dose delivery will appreciate the restorative material even more. G-ænial Universal Injectable is now available in Unitips, offering dentists a convenient new way to create beautiful, long-lasting restorations.

A highly filled composite material, G-ænial Universal Injectable is GC’s strongest direct restorative ever. The material features a thixotropic viscosity that enables it to adapt to cavity walls and margins, and fill voids or undercuts without losing its shape. With enough flexural strength to handle posterior restorations without a capping layer and ideal esthetics for the anterior region, G-ænial Universal Injectable is well-suited for all restoration classes, I through V.

G-ænial Universal Injectable also delivers optimal handling as a result of new technology from GC known as Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC). This improves the coupling between the fillers and the matrix, making the material easy to extrude. Additionally, FSC keeps G-ænial Universal Injectable from slumping or sticking to instrument tips and imbues it with a high level of wear-resistance and optimal delivery for direct restorations using an injection molding-type technique.

Beyond its impressive physical properties, G-ænial Universal Injectable offers ideal esthetics. The material is available in 16 shades, including opaque and enamel shades, ensuring natural-looking restorations. Likewise, homogeneously dispersed ultra-fine barium particles provide superb gloss retention for an enduring shine, and, at 252% radiopacity, the material facilitates easy follow-up.

Clinicians appreciate G-ænial Universal Injectable for its versatility as a composite material capable of supporting a wide range of applications and techniques. Now, many will find added convenience with the introduction of Unitips. Learn more here.

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