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A Flowable Composite for Strong, Streamlined Dentin Replacement


A Flowable Composite for Strong, Streamlined Dentin Replacement

Today’s dental composites offer a far more desirable, tooth-like appearance than traditional restorative materials like amalgam. However, despite the undeniable esthetic advantages, there remains some apprehension regarding their strength over time. While many composites on the market serve as an adequate replacement for enamel, with excellent esthetics and wear resistance, many materials simply can’t hold a candle to natural dentin when it comes to fracture resistance and long-term durability.
everX Flow

With everX Flow, GC America delivers a solution to this dilemma. Newly available in the United States, everX Flow is a short-fiber reinforced flowable composite indicated for dentin replacement in bulk-filling and core build-up applications. When paired with a conventional composite as an enamel layer, the product is also highly suited for repairing weakened or cracked tooth structure. The manufacturer compares everX Flow’s role to that of iron rebar in construction: the material’s short, glass microfiber composition fortifies it with exceptionally high fracture resistance and flexural strength for long-lasting restoration reinforcement. These fibers can likewise redirect cracks and mitigate catastrophic failures, making everX Flow an ideal choice for restoring weakened teeth post-amalgam removal.

Thanks to optimal thixotropic viscosity, everX Flow easily flows and adapts to every preparation. The material can even be used on upper molars without slumping. These qualities simplify and speed up restoration placement equating to shorter treatment times.

Available in two unique shades—Bulk and Dentin—everX Flow is designed to meet a wide array of clinical needs. The Bulk shade features a depth of cure of 5.5 mm and is perfect for quick restoration of deep posterior cavities. Likewise, the Dentin shade has a 2.0 mm depth of cure and higher opacity for core build-up and better esthetics with the same remarkable reinforcing capabilities.

To learn more about how everX Flow can help you create strong, long-lasting restorations, even in the most challenging cases, and order the product for your practice, visit GC America’s website.

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