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Super Glued Teeth: Don't Try This at Home


Have you heard that Super Glue was used to seal battle wounds in World War II?  Although it’s a fantastic story, it’s not true. A British woman, however, took do-it-yourself dentistry to a new level and repaired her own teeth with Super Glue for 10 years – just to avoid the dentist!

Angie Barlow, who appears in the BBC documentary "The Truth About Your Teeth," said she was so ashamed of her teeth that she held a hand over her mouth when she talked. But she was too terrified to go see a dentist. When a tooth would fall out, Barlow said, she would spread household Super Glue on the tooth and stick it back onto her gum.

Her DIY efforts, however, yielded some serious health consequences.  She reportedly lost 90% of the bone supporting the teeth in her upper jaw because of toxic chemicals in the glue, reports the New York Daily News. To fix her smile, dentists had to remove most of her teeth and insert titanium pins into her skull. She now has 12 new permanent teeth and a much healthier smile.

DIY dental care may seem to be the most economical solution at first, but, as every dentist knows, the damage will require expensive restoration work by a professional. Read our blog about DIY orthodontic care, which is also not recommended.

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