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SurgiTel’s ErgoEverything Builds Ideal ErgoPractices

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The weather changes associated with fall and early winter, going from warm to cold and back again with rain and snow mixed in on a daily basis, tends to remind one of the cumulative impact that years of bad posture, wrong seating, inadequate vision and lighting, repetitive injuries, and long hours of working in one or more unhealthy positions has on the body. Dentists and hygienists spend their entire day leaning toward patients while holding their arms at awkward angles and simultaneously applying pressure to clean or repair teeth. This puts pressure on the neck, spine, hips, and legs to maintain a “balance” that’s all out of proportion.

SurgiTel takes on the whole scenario with its Ergo line of loupes and seating. The “Ergo Advantage” encompasses patented posture-enhancing technologies in the form of dental loupes, LED-lighted loupes, loupes with x-ray leaded lenses, a loupe-mounted digital video camera system, and ErgoComfort seating.

ErgoVision loupes are customizable in the lightest weights available. They provide high-definition optics, maximized depth of field options, field size calibration, and are fitted with individual laser alignment. Click here to learn more about the Micro-, Compact, and PrismPro lines. 

ErgoVision LED Headlights have powerful LED lighting, true co-axial illumination to eliminate shadows, and are available in both headband and loupe-mounted styles. SurgiTel’s headlights provide color options and an adjustable brightness knob to adapt to various procedures and optimal color balance to visualize true colors and reduce eyestrain. They are the smallest and lightest LED headlight available, and have a battery life of 8 hours.

If you use lasers often, SurgiTel’s loupes with eye protection are designed to protect your eyes from corneal damage, retinal burning, and potentially early cataract development by blocking dangerous wavelengths (not all of which are visible) generated by lasers and x-rays. Click here to learn more.

The SurgiCam HD Video System allows you to record and broadcast procedures from the “doctor’s perspective.” This is useful for training, sharing with consultants, case documentation, and publication. The lightweight, incredibly small loupe-mounted video camera comes in 2X, 3X, or 5X magnification. The focal distance can be set to your working distance and depth of field, so the camera stays in focus throughout the procedure, capturing what you see as you’re working. It is simple to set up, can capture still pictures, and records continuously with no time limits.

Adequate visualization and appropriate posture go hand in hand. Combining better seating with using loupes covers two of the areas that have the most impact on healthy posture. SurgiTell offers the ErgoComfort line of ergonomic stools and chairs in partnership with RGP Seating. ErgoComfort seating is designed to prevent neck and back strain, pain, and injuries over time for dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants. The chairs allow for multiple adjustments so you can adapt your position to your procedures throughout the day.

Learn more about SurgiTel’s Total Ergonomic Package here.


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