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DrQuickLook, the developer of the original Dental Viewer, is now offering the SD Plus intraoral/extraoral camera system, which captures, saves, and views images with or without a computer. Expanding on the original concept of their quick and easy Dental Viewer, DrQuickLook’s SD Plus system allows dental professionals to save the images on a reusable SD card.

Back in 2012, Dental Product Shopper evaluated the DrQuickLook Dental Viewer, and our evaluators offered suggestions on how DrQuickLook could improve their product. The manufacturer took those recommendations to heart and made major improvements to the image quality and now offers a new-and-improved Dental Viewer that helps dental professionals educate patients and, as a result, increases case acceptance.

When evaluating the DrQuickLook Dental Viewer, a few dentists recommended the “ability to save images to a computer or memory card” and “a memory card so you could print an image.” Well, again, DrQuickLook listened to our evaluators and came up with the SD Plus intraoral/extraoral camera system, which allows users to instantly save multiple images and review them without a computer. 

The SD Plus product line is available in the US through national and regional distributors. Learn more about DrQuickLook’s SD Plus Camera System. 

Read why Dr. Cynthia Jetter says DrQuickLook is a “Must-Have”.



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