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That's not a Light...THAT's a Light

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Even Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee would agree that Lumed's LEAP is quite the intraoral light.

LEAP (Light Emitting Aspirating Prop) changes dental lighting by placing light where it is needed most—inside the patient’s mouth. The high intensity lighting is integrated into a silicone bite block that provides patient comfort and excellent access for the dentist.  LEAP is the world’s first dental light to be entirely sterilized in an autoclave before use. This prevents cross contamination, which is a major concern with alternative dental lighting systems.


“We have invested more than 3000 engineering and design hours perfecting LEAP before launching to the market place.” Said Michael Bojanowski, Co-Founder and and CEO.  “This led to a simple and elegant technology that reduces procedure times, allows for better ergonomics for the dentist, and creates a comfortable experience for the patient.”

Dental aid organizations and mobile dental clinics have also benefitted.  “I was very impressed with the thought given to the device and the simplicity, utility, and practical nature of it. I can see the device being useful not only in developed world dental offices but in simple third world clinics where illumination is often a problem,” said Peter Vanicek, DDS, Clinic Coordinator at Global Dental Relief. 







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