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The 2018 Best of Lighthouse 360 for Better Patient Communication


As 2018 comes to a close, it’s important to audit your patient communication with the goal of improving year-over-year. Did your patient recall system help schedule more patients this year and reactivate dormant patients? Are there any ways to automate some key tasks associated with recall and scheduling, making your staff and practice more efficient?   

Lighthouse 360 offers patient communication software designed specifically for dentistry with powerful features that automatically engage patients and help reduce no-shows, reactivate dormant patients, and increase case acceptance. Each year, Lighthouse 360 shares their “best of” list with enlightening stats and resources to get practices thinking about patient communication for the year ahead.

Check out the list below to learn more.  

Most Revealing Statistic

According to a survey Lighthouse 360 conducted among clients, no-shows reduced by an average of 40%. Another impressive and relevant stat is that Lighthouse 360 helped to reduce recall time by an average of 41%.

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In a Dental Product Shopper evaluation, Lighthouse 360 scored a 4.9 out of 5 from current users. One of them, Dr. Robert Martino of Clark, NJ, called Lighthouse 360 a “game-changer” that improved his practice almost instantly. “We have gotten to the point where if a patient is a no-show, we are actually shocked. It just doesn’t happen. Our hygiene and doctor schedule is booked over a month out.” He added, “We could not imagine going back to any other way of confirming appointments and keeping tabs on patient recall.”

Most-Attended Webinar: “Patient Communication in the Digital Age”

In a Dental Learning webinar, Shane A. Ricci, DDS, FAGD, FICD, stated that patient communication is one of the most fundamental aspects of dentistry, yet actually communicating with patients has become increasingly difficult as today’s population is much more transient than past generations, attention spans are shorter, and demand for instant service is higher than ever.

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Patient communication software can provide value to practices by improving office efficiency and increasing practice revenue. With Lighthouse 360, you can reach 100% of your patient base via email, text, phone, and mail, and you don’t have to worry about manually updating an influx of information. In addition to automatically confirming appointments, Lighthouse 360 will sync with your practice management software every 10 minutes to make sure you’re staying up to date. It’s software designed for busy patients and staff.

Most Popular E-Book: “Front Desk Wisdom”

In this informative compilation, 75 dental office managers share their best tips, tricks and secrets. Learn from your peers on topics such as scheduling, patient interaction, dealing with insurance, scripting and training, team building, and more.

Marlene D. uses Lighthouse 360’s two-way texting feature to send patients directions and information, while Terrysa A. uses the same feature to fill in last-minute cancellations. Another practice gets creative by using patient reviews shared through Lighthouse 360 to make a spiral-bound booklet for new patients in the waiting room.

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Most Exciting New Feature: Patient FastTrack

Lighthouse 360’s Patient FastTrack is designed to shorten and simplify the registration process for the front desk and shorten the wait time for patients. New patients can register and eSign forms right on their smartphones in minutes. There’s nothing to download, print, or scan, and patients can even eSign forms on their screen with this fully HIPAA-compliant feature.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:  

1. Your patient receives a friendly text from your office.

2. In minutes they can share intake information right from their smartphone.

3. Data is securely sent to your Lighthouse portal.

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Finally, to end the year on a lighter note…

Most Shared Dental Joke

Q: What award did the dentist of the year win?

A:  A little plaque!

And with timely reminders to schedule their appointments, hopefully your hygiene patients will be rewarded with just a little plaque at their next visit.


If you’ve taken a break from holiday browsing to read this blog, you may want to take your next break for some incentive. Lighthouse 360 is offering an Amazon Gift Card for taking a free demo of their software.

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