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The Dental Microscope—Skill Enhancer, Career Extender


What can a dental microscope do for you? Specifically, what can the Evolution XR6 from Seiler Precision Microscopes do for you? Well, here’s what a few dentists had to say when they evaluated the Evolution XR6 for Dental Product Shopper:

“[The Evolution XR6 has] probably extended my life as a dentist.”

“The reward for me is an enhanced enjoyment of dentistry.”

“High magnification through microscopy is invaluable in any practice.”

The Evolution XR6 has 6 levels of magnification—2.3X, 3.2X, 5X, 8.2X, 12.8X, and 19X—making it incredibly versatile. It also includes apochromatic lenses for the best optics, LED illumination system, and a standard counterbalance system. There’s also an option to add live video and digital camera accessories, which are great tools for patient education and specialist collaboration.

It’s been said many times, but it’s worth repeating: magnification enhances clinicians’ skills and extends their careers.

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