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The Key Is Prevention

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That’s the focus of just about every dental practice—prevention of disease and injury. With the right tools and materials, it’s so much easier to maintain that focus.

Prophy Paste

Of course, the most basic form of prevention is the 6-month exam and cleaning. That’s where the dental team can make a huge difference, especially in terms of education and reinforcement of good oral hygiene habits. And when the process of the cleaning is simple and comfortable for both the clinician and the patient, it will be that much easier to ensure a return visit.

Prophy paste, which may seem like one of the most simple products in the practice, can really make a difference, especially in terms of taste and the amount of splatter. Splatter is uncomfortable for the patient and can make it difficult for the hygienist to see into the oral cavity. And taste can be a deal breaker for many patients. With that in mind, some manufacturers are taking steps to improve both. For example, Keystone Industries offers Gelato Prophy Paste, which has won the Dental Advisor Top Prophy Paste 4 years in a row. They have formulated the paste to be virtually splatter free and the flavor options are varied—from simple mint and bubble gum to pina colada and orange sherbet.


Another way to stay focused on prevention? Mouthguards. For the athletes in your practice, you can provide the education they need to understand the importance of protecting themselves from dental injuries. There are lots of resources out there that you can share with your patients, including this video from the ADA site Mouth Healthy.

You also want to be able to offer your patients a few options for that protection. Keystone Industries, for example, offers the Pro-Form Mouthguard Line, which includes their new PF2, a do-it-yourself guard that gets as close as possible to custom fit without having to take impressions. The cost-effectiveness of this mouthguard as well as the elimination of multiple trips to the dentist can make it easier for patients to say yes to the protection they need.

Keystone will be at the Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting with a variety of specials and an iPad giveaway. You can visit them at booth #4011.

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