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The Simplicity and Versatility of GC FujiCEM 2


Want one glass ionomer luting cement versatile and strong enough to use for metal, PFM crowns and bridges, composite inlays/onlays, all of your metal, ceramic, and fiber posts, PLUS all lithium disilicate and zirconia crowns and bridges? GC FujiCEM 2 is a second-generation resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement that fits all those criteria for all indirect restorations. It’s just like FujiCEM?with its 10 years of clinical success?only better.

FujiCEM 2’s increased strength properties are due to its high-elastic crosslinking monomers and modified filler-surface treatment, otherwise known as F2 Flex Fuse technology. This combination creates an optimal chemical balance. And the formula provides maximum adhesion with early, high compressive and flexural strength, yet easy removal of excess material after 1-minute luting. FujiCEM 2 also flows easily under seating pressure, creating a very thin film thickness that stands up to the increased retention properties required for zirconia restorations when the appropriate primer (GC Ceramic Primer II) is used. The Flex part of the equation (the flexible, long-chain monomer) acts as a shock absorber under occlusal load, and the Fuse aspect creates a stronger bond between the glass particles and the resin matrix. You can count on a long-term marginal seal that will minimize the risk of microleakage and secondary caries.

In addition, FujiCEM 2 has high fluoride release and is biocompatible with tooth structure as well as surrounding tissues, so little to no postoperative sensitivity has been reported.

FujiCEM 2 received an almost perfect score (4.9 out of 5) from Dental Product Shopper evaluators, most notably for its easy handling, creamy consistency, and easy clean up. Its automatic paste pak dispensing system creates a consistent mix, but if you prefer, so does the new FujiCEM 2 dispenser. Its fast application allows extra time for seating more restorations. Between the packaging, easy attachment of the mixing tips, and the differentiating colors of the A and B pastes, applying the cement is a fool-proof process. FujiCEM 2 is also moisture tolerant, providing peace of mind for difficult-to-isolate subgingival restorations, and, because it’s self-adhesive, it does not require previous etching and bonding steps.

Simplicity and versatility don’t always come together like FujiCEM 2.

To learn more about FujiCEM 2, please visit the GC America website.

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