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Extractions: Optimizing with the Proper Tools


Extractions: Optimizing with the Proper Tools

Simple extractions must be accomplished in the most predictable and efficient manner for the patient—can your forceps provide the simple solution?

Exodontia is the most common procedure performed in oral surgery. Although all possible measures should be taken to preserve and maintain teeth in the oral cavity, teeth are extracted for a variety of reasons. The ultimate goal of traditional extraction techniques is removal of the tooth from its dentoalveolar housing. In certain circumstances, achieving this goal involves fracturing or surgical removal of surrounding bone. Simple dental extraction typically involves the removal of a tooth or root fragments with elevation and forceps delivery.

Here is a look at some of the forceps and elevators on the market today from a variety of manufacturers:

Plus Series Forceps from A. Titan Dental Instruments A. Titan’s Plus Series Forceps feature an advanced beak design that is beveled and serrated to allow for more tooth and root surface contact, increasing operator control. Available in both adult and pedo styles, Plus Series Forceps’ handles are lightweight and balanced.

Extracting Forceps from Premier Dental are high-quality surgical forceps designed to extract various molars, premolars, canines, roots, and incisors in a range of styles to meet a variety of needs.

extractimg forceps from premier dental Directa’s Physics Forceps are designed to enable clinicians to accomplish virtually atraumatic extractions in about a minute. Physics Forceps’ design uses an efficient, first-class lever, which enables the extraction of most teeth (with the exception of lower 3rd molars) in virtually any condition, without squeezing, grasping, twisting, or pulling.

Hu-Friedy’s Atlas Forceps, which are engineered with an internal spring hinge, provide performance, comfort, and control while reducing manipulation of the forceps at the surgical site. The apical designs provide a firm, secure grasp of the crown and root—reducing the risk of buccal plate fracture and aiding in a more atraumatic extraction.

The Pedo Forceps, also from Hu-Friedy, are designed to provide child-friendly extraction solutions while enhancing patient comfort. The Hu-Friedy Pedo Forceps conform to a child's natural tooth anatomy to provide a firm, accurate grasp of primary tooth and root structures while extracting the tooth.


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