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Q. How often do you used this product in your practice?BISCO ALL BOND UNIVERSAL

A. I use BISCO?s ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL multiple times a day in my practice. It has become my top bonding agent for the past 2 years.

Q. Why did you decide to purchase this product?

A. I purchased this product because of its versatility, ease of use and performance. I also have had good experience with other BISCO products so company reputation played a role as well.

Q. Has the product provided a return on investment (ROI)?

A. ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL was a great investment. It is already value priced but when I include the value of fewer rebonded composites and ceramic crowns since I started using it there is great return on investment.

Q. Please describe how you feel this product performed in terms of versatility and ease of use.

A. ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL performs well in every clinical situation I have used it in. As a single component system, it could not be easier to use. It applies smoothly and dries quickly for fast curing.

Q. Did this product meet your expectations while evaluating it and has it been an important tool in your practice?

A. I was excited to evaluate the product for DPS because I had heard good things from colleagues about it. It exceeded my expectations from the first day I started using it. After the evaluation was over, I ordered ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL for all my operatories. I feel it is the best bonding system I have used to date. It was very important to me as I transitioned my practice to all-ceramic crown and bridge that I could have reliable bonding without needing different products for each restorative material. BISCO's product has handled every case well.

Q. Have you re-purchased this product?

A. Since the product evaluation in 2012, I have not used any other bonding agent. I re-order from BISCO often and especially like the special offers from BISCO that enable me to buy my favorite bonding agent in bulk.

For the product evaluation, click here.

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