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Update in Contemporary Dental Cements with Mariano Polack, DDS, Prosthodontist and DPS Evaluator


Not much has changed except I believe that self-etching resin cements are probably the most popular cements now.  The biggest change since 2011 seems to be the increasing popularity of dual cure, self-etching resin cements for the routine cementation of indirect restorations.  The use of zirconia and e.max over PFM crowns is likely responsible for this, leading to the replacement of resin modified glass ionomer cements with self-etching resin cements.  Some of the newer resin cements now release fluoride as well, adding caries prevention to their benefits. 

Here are the top five changes in dental cements in the last few years:

1. Increasing popularity of self-etching resin cements for most applications

2. Addition of fluoride release to self-etching resin cements

3. Increased popularity of automix syringes as a delivery system for most cements (versus triturators, “clickers", or paste/paste systems and other presentations popular in the past) 

4. Availability of solutions to pre-treat high strength ceramics before cementation to increase adhesion/retention (e.g., Ivoclean)

5. The realization of the potential dangers of improper cement clean up after the cementation of implant restorations.

Mariano A. Polack, DDS is a Prosthodontist and Dental Product Shopper evaluator with a private practice in Gainesville, VA.

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