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Warm Composite Lessens Hand Fatigue and Improves Results


Make dispensing composite easier on your hands while improving your final restorations. Centrix’s new HeatSleeve Self-Heating Composite Warmer quickly warms composites to a more ‘flowable’ state, easily adapting to surface irregularities, reducing voids and spaces. And, according to Centrix, heating the composite makes composite dispensing 68% easier* on your hands, which is very important since research shows that 69.5% of dental professionals suffer from wrist and hand pain.

Warming a composite before use provides loads of benefits to the practitioner and patient.

  • - Increases flowability of composite

  • - More precise placement of material

  • - Reduces hand fatigue

  • - Increases patient comfort

  • - Decreases chance of sensitivity

*On average, compared to composite materials at room temperature


Learn how cordless handpieces can reduce hand and wrist fatigue. 

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