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Weird Things We’ve Found in Our Patients’ Mouths


What is the strangest thing you’ve found in a patient’s mouth? I think I 'opened a can of worms' when I asked our evaluators this question…pun intended! Read on to find out what ‘weirded out’ our Dental Product Shopper dentists and hygienists.

The strangest thing I saw in a patient's mouth was a dead maggot under the tongue partially embedded and stuck on the floor of the mouth. Needless to say, the patient's hygiene and breath were horrendous; it stunk the office, and likely attracted flies. He complained of an abnormally bad taste in his mouth and I thought, "OMG!"  Alfred dela Cruz; San Ramon, CA

I have found a number of strange things in patient’s mouths. One of the worst was a patient from Bulgaria who had not been to the dentist in a very long time and had one of the worst mouths I had ever seen. After cleaning him up, we starting working on some of his large cavities, and when I drilled into the tooth there was a dead worm in it!  Leonard Tau, DMD; Philadelphia

I once found a piece of glass approximately 1/4 inch wide and 3/4 inch long. The patient had no idea how it got there and was just aware that something was stuck between her teeth (#29 and #30). No tissue was bleeding. Strangest thing ever!  Sandra S. Berger, RDH; Freehold, NJ

When I was in hygiene school, I had a patient who had a large bridge of calculus present over his mandibular teeth - so much that the instructor and I decided to scale prior to taking x-rays. As I was using the ultrasonic, I kept hitting something that didn’t feel like tooth structure. I summoned the instructor for help and she uncovered a partial that was cemented in by calculus!  Dawn R. Hines, RDH; Crandon, WI

I have found the obvious things like spinach between the teeth and chicken stuck in deep cavities. But the strangest thing that happened to one of my patients was when her pit bull puppy chewed up her denture. See photo (at right), which shows that the denture is definitely not all in one piece! Mihaela Popa, DMD; Belvidere, IL

We had a patient who had a tattoo on the inside of her lower lip. It was totally bizarre to us because we have never seen anything like it before! Ouch! Jodi Lampert, DDS; Littleton, CO

I had to gently remove a wooden [brand of plaque remover pick] from 8 & 9! I used a topical and felt like I had performed minor surgery! I found a fish bone one time too. Debra A. Cavanaugh, RDH; Willoughby, OH

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