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What Are Your Colleagues Saying about the S-Max pico Handpiece?


Hearing from your fellow dentists is almost always the best way to find out what’s what when it comes to products you’re thinking about bringing into your practice. The S-Max pico handpiece, which is specifically designed for minimally invasive treatment, has what NSK calls an “ultra mini head” and “super slim” design. Both combine for a better view inside the mouth and make it easier for you to maneuver.

Your colleagues who participate in Dental Product Shopper evaluations had some pretty nice things to say the S-Max pico. Here’s a sampling:

“[The] small size makes it easy to use in posterior regions, especially pedo.”

“Good access to tight areas of the mouth.”

“This handpiece worked very well and had a good amount of cutting power/torque for its size.”

“Very compact head, lightweight, well balanced.”

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