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Wise Re-Usability


Most dental tools and equipment cost a pretty penny—they are no small investment. Which is why a company such as Wise Dental Repair is critical to your bottom line. Wise has specialized in repairing and reconditioning dental handpieces and other equipment for more than 20 years. Located not far from Akron, Ohio, Wise Dental Repair has a solid reputation for fixing or tuning up high-speed and slow-speed dental handpieces and their attachments, plus scalers, contra angles, latch heads, prophy jet nozzle heads, quick connects, curing lights, and dental turbines. They also offer fiber optic replacement, and can sharpen or re-tip your dental hygiene inventory. All equipment is inspected, then repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards and specifications. Before equipment is returned to your office, it's field tested to guarantee it is in perfect working order. Making sure your dental tools are regularly and properly assessed, and their condition is maintained by professionals such as the Wise team, will extend the life of your equipment investments.


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