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Women Dentists Represent


Women comprise about half of all current dental students, according to stats from the American Dental Education Association. In fact, several U.S. dental schools boast female student populations at more than 50%. Conventional wisdom says that this trend is sure to continue.

So Brasseler USA’s first official Women in Dentistry advisory board meeting a few weeks ago represents a proactive effort to reach out to this growing number of women in dentistry. At the 3-day event, the 9-member board was involved in deep-dive conversations on a number of topics, including

  • Practice implementation/success of the woman dentist
  • Ergonomics
  • Hands-on clinical product evaluations

“We were honored to have so many women dentists who are on the frontlines of oral care each day take the time to enlighten us about real practice issues and topics important to them,” remarked Kerry Connelly, Director of Marketing for Brasseler USA. “We received a significant amount of valuable information from all of these smart and savvy practitioners that will help Brasseler further deliver on its promise of being “By Your Side” in dentistry.”

Members of Brasseler’s Women in Dentistry advisory board are general dentists Judith Belitz (Omaha, Neb.), Sheri Doniger (Lincolnwood, Ill.), Jean Furuyama (New York, N.Y.), Suzanne Grubowski (Belford, N.J.), April Hearns (West Chester, Ohio), Lilia Larin (National City, Calif.), and Karyl Cooper Patten (Atlanta, Ga.); periodontist Griselle Ortiz (Dayton, Ohio); and pediatric dentist Kristine Grazioso (Cohasset, Mass.)

“When we started to assemble our team of advisors we sought out women who are dynamic and knowledgeable,” said Connelly. “We couldn’t be more pleased with this group and look forward to this being the first of many productive and meaningful meetings with actions that benefit female practitioners.”



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