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Zero-G Bio-Implant Cement is Easy to See


Dentists are placing more implants than ever. One of the challenges during the procedure is complete removal of cement after an implant-retained restoration is seated because it can be hard to see. Taub Products developed Zero-G Bio-Implant Cement to help dentists more easily visualize and remove excess cement on implant-retained restorations.

Zero-G Bio Implant Cement is a dual-cure cement designed for use in either an intermediate situation or long-term cementation. It is light curable in seconds, as well as self-cure, which takes about 2.5 minutes to completely set. Its color makes it easy to distinguish from gingival tissue, so none is left behind to irritate the tissue, or the patient. Zero-G is radiopaque as well, and discernible on follow-up x-rays.

Zero-G Bio Implant Cement is also retrievable—in fact, if the restoration ever has to be removed, this cement allows the practitioner to retrieve the restoration and gain access to the screw in the abutment access hole.

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