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Zirc—Keeping Dental Practices Organized and Happy


“We enjoy knowing that our products can make dental practitioners happy!”

When I read that on the Zirc website, it just made me smile. It made me smile because I know that Zirc has developed a lot of products and systems that help dental practices improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase ROI, which is all serious stuff. But they’ve found a way to make it fun by creating color coding systems that aren’t the usual drab, institutional shades of green, blue, gray, and mauve.

Everything Zirc makes—from isolation / evacuation systems and instrument holders to trays and mouth mirrors—is color coded so that dental practices can keep products and tools organized for easy access. And the colors are bright and cheerful, not drab and depressing.

To find out the difference color coding can make to a dental practice’s ROI, check out this case study.

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