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Zirc’s Organizational Box of Efficiency

Time-saving solutions for organizing chairside materials and instruments

In her growing practice, Dr. Deanna Barden needed a way to keep operatories organized so that new dental team members could hit the ground running. In this blog, she explains how Zirc’s Z.O.B.E. helped her staff color-code the clutter—giving them more time back in their days to focus on patient care.

We are a growing dental office, which means more patients going in and out the door, and additional team members coming on board. Since we started using Zirc’s Organizational Box of Efficiency (Z.O.B.E.), these new team members no longer have to worry about looking inferior or less knowledgeable in front of new patients—everything the dentist will need for the appointment is organized into color-coded tubs, containers, trays, and lids.

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Before trying Z.O.B.E., we were overstocking rooms. Not only did this make the operatories appear more cluttered, but it was difficult to find things when we needed them. Assistants were less efficient because they spent all their time sifting through drawers and restocking operatories instead of using the Zirc tubs. Our office manager was willing to jump in and help, but she ended up spending all her time running around trying to locate items. We’ve all had those hectic moments when you’re walking quickly around a corner as someone else is coming the other way. The last thing I wanted was an employee getting hurt.

Zirc offers an experience that lets you try more than 25 of its top-selling organizational products, including storage tubs that serve as portable operatory drawers, instrument trays with locking covers, and instrument holders. We were able to work with the items and find out which tools fit in our sterilizer, for example, and which tools might not be necessary for our office. It was nice to be able to hold the items, place them on our shelves, and figure out how our organization process could work better before making a commitment to using the system.

Our team members have adapted well to their new roles and are able to jump in seamlessly due to the color-coding of everything in the office. They spend less time asking questions like, “Where does this go?” or “What does the doctor need for this procedure?” Instead, they are able to ask more questions about how they can enhance the patient’s experience. Now, any staff member can easily jump in when things get hectic and turn over a room for a procedure in minutes.

Our operatories are each set up just a little bit differently. This has eliminated assistants from having to roam through every drawer, touch unnecessary items with gloves on, or worse, take their gloves off and put them back on just to find things. They are able to spend their time helping me get the procedure completed efficiently.

While we hope to expand our hygiene department in the near future, we’re not quite at the point where we can hire someone full time. This calls for substitute hygienists to help us out on certain days, and the color-coded system that Z.O.B.E. offers has made their days with us truly easier.

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