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Suitable for every clinical situation, the high-performance LED unit can be used for the fast polymerization of all light-curing dental materials. To date, conventional LED lights have not been suitable for universal use because of their narrow emission spectrum. Like halogen lights, the innovative bluephase G2 achieves a broad light spectrum of 380 nm to 515 nm. Because of the virtually noiseless built-in cooling fan, the bluephase G2 light can be used for an unlimited period of time to cure all indications. For example, the bluephase G2 can be used for extensive cementation procedures involving multi-unit restorations without going into automatic shutdown to cool. Furthermore, a cordless design based on state-of-the-art, 60- minute capacity lithium polymer batteries offers the ultimate in mobility. The light can be used wherever it is needed because of the smart Click and Cure function. The handpiece can be connected with the power cord of the charging base to enable continuous operation, even if the battery power runs out. —Joe Hill

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my bluephase light
I had a bluephase light at my practice for years. I loved it. I sold my practice recently to take time off and refresh. When I go back and start a new practice I will definitely be buying another bluehase light.
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bluephase G2
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