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Straumann Bone Level implants use the same instruments as Straumann Tissue Level implants and prosthetics, improving simplicity for the dental staff, saving time, and money. Two distinguishing characteristics of the Straumann Bone Level implant platform are Bone Control Design and the CrossFit Connection. Bone Control Design helps maximize crestal bone preservation around the implant by adhering to 5 key biological principles. The CrossFit Connection is designed for a secure and precise fit between the Straumann bone level implant and authentic Straumann abutments. Only genuine Straumann abutments feature the CrossFit Connection and are compatible with Straumann bone level implants. A broad restorative portfolio includes CAD/CAM abutments, which offer restorative flexibility for natural esthetics when a stock abutment will not achieve the desired result. *As compared to Straumann’s SLA surface in an animal model. Paul Rosen, DMD, MS Speaks about the Dental Implant Complications Symposium on May 9, 2014 in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX David Cochran, DDS, PhD Speaks about the Dental Implant Complications Symposium on May 9, 2014 in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX




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Straumann Bone Level Implants
After initial cost of surgical handpiece (W&H) and small inventory of implants, demineralized bone, healing caps and plastic abutment try-in kit....this system is user friendly at any level of surgical skill.
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straumen bone level
I have been restoring the bone level implant from straumen fro a couple years now with out any failures and constant success.
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Bone Level Implant
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